People here are fighting for their own sense of identity.

How do you survive a war? I am answers through voices of youth coming of age beneath artillery fire and air raids. Teenagers and young adults grown up too soon, they lead families fleeing invasion, defense units in urban combat, and grassroots nonprofits distributing critical supplies, all while grappling with the question of who they are: for themselves and for their nation.

I am a sister. I am a mad writer. I am human. I am Ukrainian, and I am proud.

Who We Are

We're a joint American-Ukrainian team of journalists captured over a hundred stories in Lviv, Kyiv, Irpin, and Bucha: a C-suite executive turned medical supplies smugger; an 18-year-old handling a multi-million-dollar aid logistics operation; a wounded artillery commander sustaining Lviv's smallest puppet theater; the mayor of Kyiv; the president of Mercy Corps Ukraine; a cuisine activist and winner of Master Chef; professors; artists; soldiers; the voices of Ukraine.

This is a story of youth, by youth. Our team includes affiliates of the organizations below.

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You can make a difference.

Just $2 can buy a meal for a refugee child in Poland. $22 can buy a life-saving medical tourniquet.

We've pledged 100% of our profit back to organizations in Ukraine. Donations to the organizations below are 100% tax-deductable.